Christmas Lighting

Pricing starts at $8.00 per square foot.  A standard window is approximately 17 sq ft. 

One standard window is approximately $136.00. 

Additional Services

Gutter Cleaning

Window Tinting

* A minimum  of $100 for any service.  These prices are intended to be used as  guide to pricing and may not be exact depending on the circumstance.

Christmas lighting is $5.00 per foot for custom fit LED lights.  That includes first year equipment cost, install, take down and maintenance.  Each additional year is $2.50 per foot for install, take down and maintenance.

Ranch House-$100-$150

2 Story House-$150-$175

3 Story House- $175-$225

These prices are approximates- Gutter screens/guards and difficult terrain may increase price.

Storm Windows- $20

Exterior Removal of Storm Windows- $8

Pells Clip Storms- $10 each

Skylights- $12

Leaded Glass- $12

Mirrors- $8-$30 (depending on size)​

Chandeliers- Starting @ $15 and up (depending on size)

Ceiling Fans- $10 

Small Exterior Lights- $5

Large Exterior Lights- $10

Screens Washed- $3 each

Window Tracks Detailed- $3 each

Blind Cleaning- $10-$15