Ranch House-$100-$150

2 Story House-$150-$175

3 Story House- $175-$225

These prices are approximates- Gutter screens/guards and difficult terrain may increase price.

Price includes interior and exterior window cleaning

Storm Windows- $20

Exterior Removal of Storm Windows- $8

Pells Clip Storms- $10 each

Skylights- $12

Leaded Glass- $12

Mirrors- $8-$30 (depending on size)​

Chandeliers- Starting @ $15 and up (depending on size)

Ceiling Fans- $10 ​​

Small Exterior Lights- $5

Large Exterior Lights- $10

Screens Washed- $3 each

Window Tracks Detailed- $3 each

Blind Cleaning- $20

* A minimum  of $100 for any service.  These prices are intended to be used as  guide to pricing and may not be exact depending on the circumstance.

Gutter Cleaning

Christmas Lighting

Christmas lighting is $5.00 per foot for custom fit LED lights.  That includes first year equipment cost, install, take down and maintenance.  Each additional year is $2.50 per foot for install, take down and maintenance.

Additional Services

Window Cleaning 

Pricing starts at $8.00 per square foot.  A standard window is approximately 17 sq ft. 

One standard window is approximately $136.00. 

Window Tinting